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Do you want to see a change in your students and your classroom that makes for a cohesive social emotional learning environment even in those young 1st and 2nd grade students? 

Try this new approach to education and see your classroom transform!


“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.”

- Martin Luther King Jr.

Join The Encouraging Classroom Teacher Club TODAY because character matters.


Okay, now what's the catch?

There isn't a catch! You can truly unlock character growth in your classroom in as little as 15-20 minutes a day with these well-laid out lesson plans.

👉🏞I provide everything you need for a successful, simple and easy execution of this social emotional learning process and system.

👉🏞 I have done all of the tedious work for you! Just download and print that (week’s, day’s, month’s?) lesson plan, complete with follow-up activities and lessons. 



Teachers are talking!


 What is The Encouraging Classroom Teacher Club?

We are a committed community of 1st and 2nd grade teachers who have come together to feel supported in the journey towards creating a healthy classroom environment for their students.

98% of our teachers are "extremely satisfied" with the amount of knowledge, confidence and resources to teach SEL and character education that they have gained since using the curriculum from The Encouraging Classroom.


One challenge I wanted to help solve was encouragement and character building in the classroom...

Because a good character building foundation through education at the amazing young age of 6-8 is essential for further positive growth and development, your student can have access to better academic performance, as well as a classroom environment that displays much more kindness, self-control, and positive attitudes.

Prior to using the curriculum from The Encouraging Classroom, 76% of our teachers considered themselves to lack the knowledge, confidence, and resources to teach SEL and character education.

As a natural result, your students not only show improvement academically, which parents appreciate, but also socially and emotionally, which parents LOVE!

When you join, you get access to all this:


A room full of heart-centered, teacher besties are waiting for you! Best of all, it’s a positive and happy place! 
Encouraging educators who want to problem solve and be the best teacher they can be are found here!


We share tried & true teaching ideas, book talks, expert interviews, Q & A sessions, and much more!
Bottom line-it's all about


No need to dump hours of your time searching Pinterest or TPT for the perfect lesson, video, book, or anchor chart! Every week you will receive an email that’s filled with tips, accountability, and support.


Everything you need to teach character education in 15 minutes every single day.  Lesson plans included.
Activities are based around one character focus skill each month and designed fresh just for you.

Teachers all over the country are raving about the success of this program for their students, classrooms and academic achievement - not to mention the pleased parents!


 We focus on one character skill a month and provide you with daily
15-minute activities to teach the skill.

When you pay a one-time fee, you immediately get lifetime access! This includes 240 days of Character Education Lessons! 

These lessons are planned out and ready for you to take an implement immediately.

The average amount of time that our members are spending each day to teach SEL is 15 minutes.

Wondering what's inside? Here's a peek inside...


Meet your teacher, coach, and cheerleader behind the membership!

Hello Fellow Educator 👋🏞 

I’m Angie! It’s nice to meet you! I received my master’s degree in mathematics and am also the founder of Lucky Learners, LLC. I have been teaching kindergarten, first and second grade for over 12 years. During that time, I realized that one of the best educational foundations for these budding young minds was in the area of character building. This has led me to my passion for creating The Encouraging Classroom Teacher resources center so all teachers have easier access to a simple solution to transform their classrooms, their students and their future success! 

I believe all students deserve a well-rounded education in a safe environment that allows them to take chances, make mistakes, and feel supported so they can become the best learners they can be! 

I encourage you to join with the thousands of other teachers across the country to implement this program in your classroom - together we can change the world through well-rounded students! 

Plus, you wil get an amazing bonus! **Music Video Here**

12 songs written by a musician specifically for our program


Frequently Asked Questions

It's an online program for 1st and 2nd grade teachers to receive all the materials and support they need to teach character education in their classroom- 15 minutes a day every day.  All of the activities, lesson plans, and book suggestions are provided.  Along with the materials, you will receive SUPPORT.  We have a private Facebook group that you will be granted access to and inside of this group you will build community with other like-minded, heart-centered teachers like yourself.  In this group we share our ideas, ask questions, and collaborate.  You will also receive video trainings  along with weekly emails that encourage, uplift, and support you in your teaching.

  • Monthly character focus (12 total)
  • Daily activities (15 minute lessons)
    • Poster
    • Anchor Chart
    • Character Sorts
    • Scenario Cards
    • Read & Respond Passages
    • Art Projects & Crafts
    • Mindful Coloring Sheets
  • Home Connections
  • Suggested Read Alouds
  • Questions & Answers for Books
  • Lesson Plans
  • Stop & Think Sheets
  • Monthly songs with videos
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Video Trainings
  • Weekly Email Support
  • 12 months of lesson plans and activities!

The content inside of The Encouraging Classroom program was designed specifically to meet the needs of 1st and 2nd grade students. If you teach other grade levels, you would need to make accommodations to the activities for them to work for your students.

  1. Respect
  2. Responsibility
  3. Honesty
  4. Kindness
  5. Self-Control
  6. Perseverance
  7. Empathy
  8. Cooperation
  9. Self-Confidence
  10. Compassion
  11. Gratitude
  12. Manners

*You can pick and choose which character traits you want to focus on each month as they are all available to you right away!

You don't need the books to teach all of the lessons but we do highly recommend that you find a way to read the suggested books to your students as some of the lessons include these stories as part of the activity.  That being said, this does NOT mean you need to purchase them.  Here are your options when it comes to tracking down these books

  • Borrow from your local library
  • Check them out from your school library
  • Borrow from your teacher teammates
  • Purchase from Thrift Books
  • Add them to your Amazon Wishlist and send home to families
  • Watch on YouTube

One of the things we were EXTRA CAREFUL about was to choose books that were on YouTube.  True story...our original list of books were not all on YouTube so we made some changes to accommodate this for you so you don't have to technically make any extra purchases if you decide to purchase the Encouraging Classroom program.

Yes!  All 12 months of lesson plans and activities are all unlocked and available to you!  You can pick and choose which focus you want to teach each month.

Absolutely, 100% yes!  Upon receiving payment, I will send you an email with your log in details.  That will give you access to your dashboard which gives you access to the entire year's book suggestions so you can get started collecting books right away if you wish!

Of course!  All videos that are shared inside of the Facebook group will also be added to your program dashboard area that you have access to with your log in details!

We offer a 30 day refund period if for some reason this program will not work for you and your students. In those 30 days, you must complete at least one module of the program and then send an email to [email protected] explaining why you are unable to use the program. Please note, teachers who have downloaded more than one month of student materials (character sorts, read and respond passages, home connections, scenario cards, etc.) are ineligible for a refund. Due to the digital nature of the student materials, refunds will not be granted to enrollees who have downloaded them. Enrollees waive their right to a refund once they have downloaded more than one month of the student materials.

Are you ready to join us?  Can we get you an all-access pass to these time-saving instructional resources and our amazing, supportive community of teachers?

Here’s exactly how it works:


Click “Join Now” and follow the steps to complete your payment.


Open the email that includes your log in details.  This will arrive within 10 minutes of completing your registration.


Log into our Membership Dashboard and get access to everything!  You will be greeted with a welcome video from the creator of this membership and given a tour of the dashboard.


In your dashboard, you will find a spot to join our private Facebook group created exclusively for the members of The Encouraging Classroom.



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